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If you reuse this data, you should cite: Tye, A.M., Balfour, C., Bowes, M.J., Brown, I., Evans, C., Farr, G., Felgate, S., Hargreaves, G., Humphry, O.S., Kitidis, V., Lapworth, D.J., Martin, A., Mayor, D.J., Pearson, M., Nightingale, P., Pickard, A., Sanders, R., Spears, B., Stephens, J., Stinchcombe, M., Torres, R., Williamson, J.L., Woodward, M., Bowes, M., Breimann, S., Burden, A., Callaghan, N., Dise, N., Gilbert, P., Gibb, S., Ives, S., Jürgens, M., Hughes, L., Lichtschlag, A., Mack, S., Mallin Martin, D., Mawji, E., Olszewska, J., Parkes, D., Pearce, C., Peel, K., Pugh, J., Rees, A., Worrall, F., Yarrow, D. (2024). Monthly measurements of major and trace elements in 41 rivers in Great Britain, 2017, from the LOCATE project. NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
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Latitude: 60.861° to 49.864°
Longitude: -8.648° to 1.768°
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2024-02-21 (publication)
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(author, pointOfContact, custodian, publisher); British Geological Survey (owner)
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