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If you reuse this data, you should cite: Vetter, S.H., Aitkenhead, M., Dondini, M., Eory, V., Goglio, P., Harris, J., Hillier, J., House, J., Lefebrve, D., MacLeod, M., Manning, D., Medina-Carmona, C., Mohamed-Yunus, S., Moran, D., Myrgiotis, V., Payen, F., Rees, B., Sohi, S., Sykes, A., Williams, M., Williams, A., Wollenberg, L., Smith, P. (2023). Modelled global soil carbon change based on different management and climate scenarios from 2030 to 2100. NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
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Latitude: 90° to -90°
Longitude: -180° to 180°
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2023-12-05 (publication)
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Aberdeen University (author, pointOfContact); James Hutton Institute (author); University of Aberdeen (author, owner); Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) (author); University of Perugia, Italy (author); Cranfield University (author); University of Edinburgh (author); University of Bristol (author); Brightspot Climate (author); Newcastle University (author); Sterling University (author); Unaffiliated (author); Trinity Agtech (author); University of Vermont (author); (custodian, publisher)
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