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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in DefraDefra spending moratoria 2014-15 Q3Ads and Marketing

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Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value Approved Date of approval
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs/Rural Payments Agency Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) - Guide to Cross Compliance in England 2015 edition A new CAP scheme came into force in January 2015 which requires new guidance to be communicated to farmers so that they understand their obligation and comply with the rules. Costs incurred is for mailing of the cross compliance handbook to all farmers, providing guidance on Gov.UK and emailing with a link to guidance to approx. 40,000 customers. £69,705 Oct-14
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Soils Rules Guidance Farmers are required to meet rules on soil protection. The way these rules are assessed is radically changing in 2015 and farmers will only be able to comply with the new soil rules if they have access to the accompanying guidance which sets out the details of how to comply. Guidance is being produced in electronic formats in line with Government shift to electronic communications (Digital by Default). However findings indicate 15% of farmers currently do not have internet access and to meet a legal obligation to provide guidance to all farmers, mailing the soil protection guidance is required. £62,846 Oct-14
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs The Environment Agency (EA) Rod Licence contract review market research 2015 The rod licence contract with Post Office ends in April 2016. In seeking a new contract EA need to meet government requirements for a digital service, and also to review the licence structure and price to meet changing customer needs. EA will market research to collect feedback from customers to help inform the service to be provided under new contract. Evidence will be collected about what customers need from a digital service . The findings from this research will inform marketing activity to move more people online and increase rod licence sales. £49,000 Dec-14
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs The Environment Agency(EA) Flood Action Campaign 2014 EA are responsible for warning and informing the public about flooding and saving lives by preparing communities for when flooding is forecast so that people take the right actions to protect themselves and their property from the impact flooding can have. The annual flood campaign aims to get people to prepare in advance for flooding by checking their flood risk using online maps, sign up for free flood warnings and know what to do if flooding happens by downloading and completing a personal or business flood plan. EA will carry out a nationwide flood campaign in risk locations by using mix of channels to increase the reach of messages and capture audience's attention through relevant and local channels (social media, local websites and external organisations) to help promote the campaign and the key messages. £40,089 Oct-14