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Bristol City Council Open Election Data

Bristol City Council Election results from1995 to the present. These pages were developed using methodology creating by the Open Election Data project

Bristol City Council Councillors

Bristol City Council councillor details.

Bristol City Council Public Toilets

Bristol City Council's public toilets.

Bristol City Council Waste Contracts

Details of Bristol City Council's existing waste collection contracts one off publication as required by the Local Government Transparency Code 2014. Quarterly updates available from Bristol...

Energy generation from Solar Panel PV arrays

Energy generation from Solar Panel PV arrays for selected Bristol buildings. Includes daily output from smart meters for the week commencing 14 Jan 2014, Feed-In-Tariff claims for the Solar Panel...

Bristol City Council e-Petitions

Bristol's ePetitioner allows you to support a petition by adding your name and address online.

Bristol City Council Recruitment

Bristol City Council is one of the largest employers in the West Country. We are committed to achieving equal opportunities and we are seeking to attract a workforce that reflects the diverse...

Bristol River water quality

River quality monitoring data (chemical,physical and bacteriological parameters tested) from 1994. The laboratory analysis & reporting can take up to a couple of months to be available.

Bristol Floating Harbour bacteriological water quality

Bristol floating harbour bacteriological water quality monitoring data (bacteriological and physical) from 1994.

Bristol City Council Webcasts

Bristol City Council webcasts a range of meetings to improve openness, understanding and accountability of local decision making. The project has developed from an EU project called E-participate.

Bristol City Council Libraries

Find Bristol City Council Libraries

Bristol City Council Committee Meetings

Bristol City Council committee meetings.

ASK Bristol

ASK Bristol is a place where Bristol City Council has public conversations about important issues facing the council and city.

Energy consumption for selected Bristol buildings from smart meters by half hour

Energy consumption, Gas and Electricity, for selected Bristol buildings from smart meters by half hour.

Quality Of Life

Each year a survey called 'Quality of Life in Your Neighbourhood' is carried out. Bristol residents are asked to help monitor the Quality of Life in Bristol. The information provided from this...

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys in Bristol rivers

Annual survey of number of abandoned supermarket trolleys in Bristol rivers from 2005.

Bristol River quality biological monitoring

River quality monitoring data (macro invertebrates) from 1995.

Bristol Floating Harbour Site National Grid References

Floating Harbour Site National Grid References for use with "Floating Harbour bacteriological water quality".

Meteorology data

A meteorology site was established on the roof of the CREATE CENTRE in June 2005. The purpose of this site is to collect data for use in dispersion modelling and water resource management studies....

Bristol City Council Community Venues

Bristol boasts more than 250 community buildings that are managed by and for local communities. All are run and managed by voluntary groups and organisations, independently from Bristol City...