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Bristol City Council Public Toilets

Bristol City Council's public toilets.

Bristol City Council B-Open Wi Fi Hotspots

This data-set provides the postcodes and the locations for Bristols Free B-Open Wi-Fi hotspots helping citizens and visitors get online.

Quality Of Life

Each year a survey called 'Quality of Life in Your Neighbourhood' is carried out. Bristol residents are asked to help monitor the Quality of Life in Bristol. The information provided from this...

Litter bins

This dataset comprises point data showing the locations of litter bins managed and emptied by Bristol City Council Street Cleansing teams.

Childrens Play Equipment

Childrens and Young Persons Space fixed equipment within Children's Play Grounds (CPG), Wheels Parks, Teen Shelters and Multi-use Games Areas (MUGA) the latter being mainly used by young persons...

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys in Bristol rivers

Annual survey of number of abandoned supermarket trolleys in Bristol rivers from 2005.

Residential parking schemes

This dataset comprises polygon data defining the geographic extent of areas within Bristol where residents may apply for parking permits.

Tree Sponsorship

Positions of trees available for sponsorship within the City.

Secondary school areas of first priority

This datasets contains the boundaries of the areas of first priortiy for secondary schools. Each school is given an area of priority and children that live within that area are given priority...

Rider zones

Bus zones boundaries for Rider tickets in the West of England.

Contracts and Tenders from Bristol City Council 2011 - 2016

Bristol City Council contracts and tenders with a value over £500 made within the month. Publication of these lists forms part of the Council's commitment to be open and transparent with its...

Debt advice agencies

Point locations of Debt advice agencies including attributes information such as contact details and drop-in session times. Debt advice agencies offer advice and support to people facing...

Cycle network

The Cycle Network Map is a GIS database of existing and proposed cycle routes in Bristol, used by BCC for maintaining and planning the cycle network. It includes the strategic cycle network,...

Cumulative Impact Areas

Cumulative impact is defined as 'the potential impact on the promotion of the licensing objectives of a significant number of licensed premises concentrated in one area'. A number of areas have...

Public Toilets - Council

Public Toilets provided by Bristol City Council.

Bristol City Council Libraries

Find Bristol City Council Libraries

Air Quality Monitors

Locations of Bristol City Council operated air quality monitoring sites, which defines the areas of poor air quality in Bristol. Data displayed is annual nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations...

Bristol City Council Planning Applications

A yearly snapshot of Bristol City Council Planning Applications. This dataset is updated weekly and provides a years worth of data.

Bristol Bus Stops

This data-set provides the "Naptan Codes", Bus Stop Name, Stop Location, a yes/no field if the stop has a Seat, a text field that indicates if the stop has a Shelter, Pole or Lamp Post and a yes/...

Allotment Plots

This dataset comprises polygon data showing the location and size of all allotment plots within Bristol City Council's area.