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Bristol Floating Harbour Site National Grid References

Floating Harbour Site National Grid References for use with "Floating Harbour bacteriological water quality".

Meteorology data

A meteorology site was established on the roof of the CREATE CENTRE in June 2005. The purpose of this site is to collect data for use in dispersion modelling and water resource management studies....

Bristol City Council Community Venues

Bristol boasts more than 250 community buildings that are managed by and for local communities. All are run and managed by voluntary groups and organisations, independently from Bristol City...

Bristol Air Quality Monitoring Station Information

Air quality monitoring station information for use with the Bristol air quailty data

Bristol River Site National Grid References

Bristol River Site National Grid References for use with Bristol river water quality data.

Bristol City Council Events

Bristol plays host to hundreds of events each year, from local street parties to large-scale sporting events like the Half-Marathon. This feed provides a list of these events.

Bristol Bus Stops

This data-set provides the "Naptan Codes", Bus Stop Name, Stop Location, a yes/no field if the stop has a Seat, a text field that indicates if the stop has a Shelter, Pole or Lamp Post and a yes/...

Bristol City Council Open Consultation Finder

Find Bristol City Council Open Consultations.

Traffic survey locations

Locations of transport surveys carried out by the DfT and Transport Teams. To facilitate greater access to Transport Survey Data. To obtain a copy of this survey data please contact Chris Mason,...

Getting Bristol moving (Active Travel Map suggestions)

Getting Bristol moving (Active Travel Map suggestions)

Site allocations

The Site Allocations layer contains the boundaries for the sites allocated for development in the adopted Bristol Local Plan. This layer comprises sites allocated by the following policies: ...

Important Open Space

The Important Open Space layer contains the boundaries for sites designated as Important Open Space in the adopted Bristol Local Plan by Policy DM17: Development Involving Existing Green...


Ward Boundaries from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England from May 2016


Point Feature depicting individual Tree Features under the responsibility of Bristol City Council and managed by Environment & Leisure Services. Each GIS feature represents the geometry record...

Traffic Accidents

Bristol road accidents involving personal injury that were reported to police and passed on to the City Council. Damage only accidents are not recorded.

Temporary Play Street Orders

Point locations of Temporary Play Street Orders (TPSO) processed by Bristol City Council. A TPSO closes a street to traffic to let children play safely. The closure can take place as often as once...

Student accommodation

Map showing existing student accommodation where known. The data is based on a number of sources including the University of Bristol, University of the West of England, Bristol City Council...

Streetlights and Street Furniture

Point locations of streetlights and other street furniture such as bollards, signs and Zebra Crossings.

S106 agreements

GIS representation of the Council’s register of Section 106 (S106) agreements. The locations refer to the development from which the money was raised, not where the money is spent. These...

Public Toilets - Council

Public Toilets provided by Bristol City Council.