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Citibank Direct

Details of overseas war pension payments

Departmental Financial Management

Reports expenditure for budget managers

Data Preservation Repository

Archive of pay and personnel administration details processed by a number of systems replaced by Joint Personnel Administration (asset No 103)

Armed Forces Pension Scheme In Year Management


Unmarried Partner Database

Details of awards made to unmarried partners of Service Personnel who have died in service.

Customer Information System

Details of war pension information drawn from casework

Welfare Staffing Database

Details of Veterans Welfare Staff administration

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Trigger Database

Feeds compensation data to the payment enabling system

Futures - Medical Advisor Case Enquiry/Generate A Doc

Details of war pensions medical enquiries

Sports, Leisure and Staff Health Database

Details of Veterans Services Local Staff Management.

IPPH Asset Register Database

Ilford Park Polish Home stock control

Payments Made to Individuals for Exceptional Reasons

Details of CHAPS exceptional payments

Judgement Debt Court Orders

Archived details of court orders made against Service personnel

Filecount & Database of all cases monitored

Details of welfare customer personal information

Continuing Education Allowance Master Spreadsheets

Details of allowances claimed

File Received Lists CLBI

Details of welfare customer personal information

Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) Emergency Download of Contact Details

Details personnel next-of-kin contacts in case of casualty incidents at a time the main personnel system is unavailable

IT Incident Log

Infrastructure incidents impacting Finance business. Now very rarely used.

Information Assurance Asset Register

Details of information assets

Unit Location

Details of units for the National Audit Office