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Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Appeals Table

Details of compensation appeals hearings

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Interim Database

Interim system for compensation used before asset No 17

Pay and Personnel Casework & Complaint (PACCC) Database

Details of personnel casework

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Liability Calculation Documentation

Liability Calculation Documentation

Parliamentary Business Database Archive

Corporate Services archive of details of ministerial, official and Freedom of Information correspondence. External person name, SPVA case officer and remarks.


Details of war pension payments

Combat Stress / Remedial Treatment

Details of remedial treatment payments for war pensioners.

Miscellaneous Personal Payments

Display Screen Equipment eyesight test records and auditable payments during Financial Years 2009 to 2011

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Main Estimate

5 Year Forecast

Veterans Services Asset Register Database

Details of former information assets

Xafinity Paymaster Penserver Unit

Details of pensions and other payments made by payment agent

Emergency Payment Master Listing, Unit Inputs and Journals

Details to ensure correct financial reconciliation

Long Service Advance of Pay

Details of payment to RN officers

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Statistics Documentation

AFPS Main Estimate

Far East Prisoner of War Apology, Residency & Compensation Databases

Details of claims for Far East and Nepal Prisoner of War apology payment, compensation payment and claims made under residency criteria.

Prisoner Administration Central System (PWIB)

Details of all Prisoners of War, Detainees and Internees arrested or detained by UK Forces on Operations

NAO Master Tracker

Details of National Audit Office information and data samples

Rail Warrants Database

Name of staff and war disablement pensioners issued with rail warrants.

Debt Management Recoveries and Write Offs Databases - Control Journal Accounts

Details of debt management, recoveries, write-offs and casework.

Travel Requests

Details of Veterans Services Local Staff Travel Requests