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Sheffield Diffusion Tubes

shows the location of air quality diffusion tubes within Sheffield.

Sheffield Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Zone 3ai

This dataset shows Sheffield City Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Zone 3ai (Developed floodplain). It was produced for Sheffield City Council by JE Jacobs in 2008 and shows areas subject to...

Public Toilets Sheffield

This data set shows the locations and facilities details for public toilets available in Sheffield. Information made public as a result of a LGA incentive scheme.

Landscape Character Assessment - Green Belt

Landscape character assessments seek to identify the features and elements of landscape areas that contribute to creating their distinct character and that make them different to neighbouring...

Sheffield Neighbourhood Planning Areas

The boundaries of Sheffield's neighbourhood planning areas.

Property Terrier Holdings

Dataset showing land and property in the ownership of Sheffield City Council (SCC). The land and property parcels included in this dataset may be subject, in whole, or part, to third party...

20 mph zones

Location of 20mph zones in Sheffield.

School Crossings

Location of School Crossing Patrols and hours of operation in Sheffield.