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Food Hygiene Inspection Scheme 2016

This is the Food Hygiene Inspection data 2016 for East Renfrewshire Council eateries.

Food Poverty Needs Assessment 2018

This needs assessment assessed the level and impact of food poverty across Camden and Islington, to understand local service provision and requirements, and to inform the development of an action...

Bradford food premise public register

A dataset showing registered food outlets located within the Bradford Metropolitan District area. This dataset is derived from The Food Standards Agency (FSA). Further Information Food Standards...

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Camden

This dataset contains food hygiene ratings or inspection results given to businesses located in the London Borough of Camden, and reflect the standards of food hygiene found on the date of...

Radiological Monitoring Data

Radioactivity monitoring reports used to ensure that any radiation present in the environment or food chain does not compromise food safety.

Prescribed Person

Summarised and anonymised details of disclosures made to the FSA as a Prescribed Person under public interest disclosure legislation. The FSA’s main objective is to protect public health from risks...

Salmonella testing programme

Results of the Salmonella Testing Programme collected by the Food Standards Agency's which applies to food business operators processing over 37,500 pigs a year. The results are reported by month.

Bank Station Northern Line Upgrade Safeguarding Area

Bank Station/Northern Line Upgrade safeguarding polygon layer. This Policy Area is relevant to the City Plan 2036 Strategic Policy S9: Vehicular Transport and Servicing and Local Plan Public...

Product Recalls and Withdrawals

If there is a problem with a food product that means it should not be sold, then it might be 'withdrawn' (taken off the shelves) or 'recalled' (when customers are asked to return the product). The...

Annual report of incidents

The release includes an appendix presenting numbers and types of incidents, reported to the Food Standards Agency, that have the potential to impact on the safety of food. The release adopts a...

Consumer Insights tracking survey

This survey monitors consumer behaviors and attitudes in relation to food availability, affordability and confidence in the food industry and its regulators. This survey was established in November...

Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker survey

The FSA conducts a tracking survey with consumers, in order to monitor changes in consumer attitudes towards the Agency and food-related issues. The survey covers four main areas: Awareness of the...

National Diet and Nutrition Survey (Scotland)

Food consumption, nutrient intakes and nutritional status of the Scottish population - adults and children from 18 months upwards. Results are presented by age/sex sub-groups. Source agency: Food...

FSA IT Health Checks

Dates of completed IT Health Checks for the Food Standards Agency.

Registered Dairy Establishments

A list of dairy producers registered with the Food Standards Agency

Freedom of Information case logs

A list of all Freedom of Information case logs for the Food Standards Agency.

Scheduled Dairy Visits

A list of the scheduled dairy inspection visits of premises registered with the Food Standards Agency

Throughput in Approved Slaughterhouses

Throughput data for each species collected by the Food Standards Agency in approved slaughterhouses

UK Designated Points of Entry

List of UK ports approved to accept high risk food of non-animal origin.

Raw Drinking Milk Premises in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

A list of Raw Drinking Milk premises registered with the Food Standards Agency (including species).