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Gro for Good Groundwater MicrobialRisk, 2015-2017, Kwale County, Kenya (NERC grant NE/M008894/1)

Results of microbial water quality conducted in Kwale County, Kenya from 2015 to 2017 by University of Oxford and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya as part of the Gro for GooD project...

Hydraulic and hydrological data from surface and subsurface soils across the Thames catchment, UK, 2021

[This dataset is embargoed until August 31, 2024]. This dataset contains information about surface and sub-surface hydraulic and hydrological soil properties across the Thames (UK) catchment. Soil...

Exploration and Appraisal Wells

Well Data Release : Exploration and Appraisal Well Results 1st January 2018 - 5th February 2024 Under the provisions of regulation 8 of the Disclosure Regulations the NSTA may disclose certain...