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Average broadband download speed (Mb/s)

Average broadband download speed (Mb/s)

NYMNPA INSPIRE Download (WFS) Service

North York Moors National Park Authority INSPIRE WFS Service. Use of this data is subject to the terms at or...

Met Office INSPIRE download service

Download service for access to Met Office API datafeed

spotlightonspend Raw Data Download Files

The content contains multiple datasets where each dataset contains the transactions above £500 in value (£25,000 in central government) for a single public body before any cleansing, enrichment,...

DARD - Fisheries (Pre-defined Download)

Marine and Terrestrial aquaculture sites licensed by The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development under the Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966 and or authorised under The Aquatic Animal...

BGS INSPIRE download service feed

This service provides an Atom feed of datasets that are available for download.

Waterways Ireland (Pre-Defined Download)

This service contains spatial and attribute data relating to Waterways Ireland Canal Centrelines, Land and Property Owned and Barge Turning Points. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please...

UKHO Administrative units - Download Service

Download Service for INSPIRE Administrative units

LPS Buildings (Pre-defined Download)

This is a restricted dataset and this download is available to NIMA users only. LPS Building polygons containing any feature code between 1040 and 1060. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal...

LPS Cadastral Parcels NI (Download)

Freehold Land Ownership Boundaries - The dataset contains the boundaries of each individual freehold title to land. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use Resource Locator 2.

Angus Council GIS download service

Service providing links to datasets available on Angus Council website. Downloadable data available in EPSG:4326 and both compressed GML and ESRI shapefile.

BGS INSPIRE download service feed

This service provides an Atom feed of datasets that are available for download.

Ships' Routeing Measures Download Service

This Web Feature Service publishes polygons depicting the Traffic Separation Schemes and Deep Water Routes around the UK and in the southern North Sea. The coordinates of the Traffic Separation...

Spatial Hub Download Service (WFS)

The Spatial Hub is a resource which provides a single point of access to quality assured Scottish local authority data in a consistent format. It is developed, operated and managed by the Spatial...

CEDaR LichenIreland (Pre-defined Download)

Inventory of Lichen records collected as part of 2005 LichenIreland Initiative. 57,391 records from all over Ireland collated by Damian McFerran. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please...

NIEA - WFD (Pre-defined Download)

Coastal waters defined under Article 2(7) of the Water Framework Directive.Water Framework Directive Groundwater.Lakes defined under Article 2(5) of the Water Framework Directive. Only lakes of...

BGS INSPIRE download service feed

This INSPIRE network service provides an Atom feed of predefined datasets that are available for download.

ROS - Cadastral Parcels Download Service

INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels is a dataset maintained and produced by the Registers of Scotland to comply with the INSPIRE Directive. It is a sub-set of the Cadastral Map and contains the location of...

Scotland Heat Map Download Service (WFS)

The Scotland Heat Map is a tool to help plan for the reduction of carbon emissions from heat in buildings. This service allows users to download spatial data from the map. The Scotland Heat Map...

CEDaR IRTU (General) (Pre-defined Download)

An inventory of 2761 vascular plant records gathered by EHS Water Management Unit to establish the status and population of species. Records gathered from Northern Ireland between 1991 and 2000. ...