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Marine Accident investigation Branch Incoming Post Log

Record of correspondence received by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

Content Management System (CMS)

Is a system which allows information to be updated on to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency related web pages in a variety of different documents

Marine Accident Investigation Branch, Incident Database System (MIDS)

Information collected about marine accidents, and Marine Accident Investigation Branch's (MAIB) analysis in the course of its investigations.

Prospective Investigation of Pesticide Application Health (PIPAH)

Used for inputting, retention, retrieval and analysis of medical and other data collected on workers exposed to pesticides. Number of records in dataset – 3000. Contains sensitive medical in...

WFD Catchment Management Information England - Investigations

This dataset sets out the different units used for managing the Water Framework Directive (WFD), and basic information about water bodies, such as their classification and targets, but does not...

Peterborough Fraud investigation 2017

Peterborough Fraud Investigations 2017

Marine Accident Investigation Branch primary Voyage Data Recorders evidence

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) - Downloads from Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) containing information about vessel's speed, heading, radar images, engine and steering settings, and...

Road Accident In Depth Studies (RAIDS)

This asset contains legacy data from the Department's OTS, CCIS and HVCIS accident studies. It contains measurements taken at the scene of accidents, damage to vehicles, injuries to persons...

Investigation Case files

Investigation & case files for those passed for HMRC Special Compliance Office (Grabiner) investigation, includes names addresses, date of birth, suspected activity etc.

Internal Investigation casework

Internal Investigation Casework - includes data such as, name, address, date of birth, vehicle info, movements, associates, driving test bookings, links to candidates, Travel & Subsistence...


Air accident investigation database that collates initial accident information and facilitates the ongoing investigation, through to recommendations and final report

Evidence gathered under the Defra-group investigation into Crustacean Mortality of Autumn 2021

Data and written reports detailing the evidence used to inform the Environment Agency and Defra-group investigation into Crustacean Mortality events of October 2021. Data from the Environment...

Percentage of total amount of coated printing papers purchased, by percentage recycled content, October 2005 to September 2008

Percentage of total amount of coated printing papers purchased, by percentage recycled content, October 2005 to September 2008

Flood Depth Grid 20m

‘Flood Depth Grid 20 meters’ is a national modelled dataset that shows flood depths on a 20x20 metre grid. These have been created using a Digital Terrain Model re-sampled to 20 metres and 1 in...

Marine Accidents Database

National (UK) database of marine accidents including persons and vessels involved, and details of the accident and investigation

Investigate small hive beetle

Investigate control methods for small hive beetle

Investigation into the increase in stillbirth rate

This reports examines trends in the stillbirth rate by known risk factors to explore the increase in the stillbirth rate in 2002 in England and Wales. Source agency: Office for National...

Site investigation reports collection

Reports of site investigations produced by external organisations carried out for all forms of site investigation The reports date back to the 1950s and may contain information on boreholes, trial...

Plant Health Database

Microsoft Access database holding data 2010-date pertaining to sites investigated or under investigation for various diseases

UK Gas column pressures and CO2 content database.

The data consists of a spreadsheet containing gas column height, CO2 content and estimated retained buoyancy pressures for Southern North Sea gas fields, based on published information. The data...