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Self Assessment 700 Non Resident Company Landlords

Non-resident company landlords income tax liability collected through the self assessment system. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 1999/00, 2000/01, 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06,...

CPS - Conditional Cautions Non Compliance and Compliance rates

This data shows the compliance and non compliance rates for conditional cautions over a rolling 12 month period.

Vegetated Shingle Habitat Map

A vegetated shingle habitat map derived from airborne data. The habitat map is a polygon shapefile showing site relevant habitat classes – this is a merged product of multiple sites across multiple...

Food Standards Agency - Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay

Information on Non-Consolidated Performance Related Payments made to SCS and Non-SCS Staff.

OFT Non-consolidated performance related pay - 2010-11

The Office of Fair Trading has published data on non consolidated performance related pay for the performance year 2010-11.

National Savings and Investments non-consolidated performance payments data

National Savings and Investments non-consolidated performance payment data in 2010/11.

Non-association independent schools inspections and outcomes: management information

Management information showing in-year and most recent inspections and outcomes.

Trade Control & Expert System – Food of Non-Animal Origin

High-risk food of non-animal origin imported into the United Kingdom via approved designated ports.

BIS Non-Executive Board Members

BIS Non-Executive Board Members

National Non Domestic Rates Forecast

Details of the forecasts of national non-domestic rates to be collected by local authorities in England.

National Non Domestic Rates Collected

Details of national non-domestic rates collected by local authorities in England.

Contact list of government non-executives

A contact list of all government non-executives and their PA's

Fire statistics: non-fire incidents

This information covers fires, false and other incidents attended by firecrews, and the statistics include the numbers of incidents, fires, fatalities and casualties as well as information on...

Non-NHS Organisations

Non-NHS Organisations Contains: Independent Providers: Registered and Non-Registered Non-NHS Organisations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, including...

Non Sensitive Suppliers

GBCC - Suppliers of goods and services to Great Britain China Centre

Non Sensitive Suppliers

GBCC - Suppliers of goods and services to Great Britain China Centre

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Non domestic rating in England and Wales

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

Conditional Cautions - Outcome of CPS decision-making following non-compliance

This gives information regarding the actions taken by the CPS in the event that the offender does not comply with the terms of the Conditional Caution.

Crown Prosecution Service non-consolidated performance related pay data

This data shows the non-consolidated Performance Related Payments (PRP) made to employees for each performance year 1 April to 31 March 2010-present.

LIDAR Vegetation Object Model (VOM)

The LIDAR derived Vegetation Object Model (VOM) is a raster product produced as part of the Environment Agency’s “Keeping Rivers Cool” project. It is an attempt to identify riparian tree cover and...