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A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions Quarterly Report

POSTPONED due to resource issues. We plan to publish a report covering 2014/15 quarters 1 and 2 on 17 October 2014. Please note that this postponement relates to the narrative report only. The...

DBS e-bulk enabled Registered Bodies

Data shows a list of e-Bulk enabled Registered Bodies (RB), the number of checks each e-RB has submitted, via both paper and e-Bulk, over the last 12 months. The final column details which...

Pool E-bike usage

Data set showing the use of Leeds City Council pool electric bikes by location.

Books Borrowed - E-Library

Books Borrowed - E-Library

E-Scooter Parking Bays

York’s micromobility trial was completed at the end of May 2024. All e-bikes and e-scooters provided by the contractor, TIER, are currently being removed from the city. The E-Scooter parking...

Measuring e-commerce

An e-commerce and internet access dashboard bringing together information from various sources including the e-commerce survey of businesses and internet access usage statistics from households and...

Bristol City Council e-Petitions

Bristol's ePetitioner allows you to support a petition by adding your name and address online.

A&E activity, cancelled operations and critical care bed capacity: monthly situation reports

Monthly data on A&E admissions, cancelled operations, and critical care bed use Source agency: Health Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...

Enhanced Hepatitis E database

Collation of enhanced surveillance data on Hepatitis E

International e-Commerce Benchmarking

International e-Commerce Benchmarking Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: Supporting material Language: English Alternative title: e-Commerce

ONS VML E-Commerce

Covers use of internet, ICT expenditure and investment and ICT security.

E-commerce business survey

The Survey collects data on ICT usage and e-commerce from businesses in the UK. There are separate questionnaires for the financial and non-financial sectors, with the non-financial sector excluded...

Health and Safety e-learning and risk assessment system. Records include data for each member of staff.

Required to meet Health and Safety legislation including DSE

E-Cigarettes - Public Health Position Statement - Sept19

This statement is a review of the 2016 Camden and Islington Public Health position statement, in line with the new evidence reported by PHE. This updated statement is endorsed by the Breathe Stop...

Accident and Emergency Activity

A&E activity; total time spent in A&E from arrival to admission, discharge or transfer and waiting for emergency admission through A&E. Source agency: Health Designation: Official...

Scottish Adjacent Waters E and W

The Scottish Adjacent Waters E and W limit

London NHS A&E Performance Report

The percentage of people who have been seen within four hours in all types of accident and emergency (A&E) departments in London Hospitals. The data includes the following by NHS hospital...

E-society survey of households and individuals

Calculated from data collected in modules of the ONS Opinions Survey in Great Britain. The survey aims to provide users with information on households’ and individuals’ use of the Internet and...

A&E attendances (0-4 years), per 1,000 attendances

A&E attendances (0-4 years), per 1,000 attendances

DBS checks requested by each Registered Body via e-Bulk for the full month of March 2013

Data shows the number of DBS checks requested by each Registered Body via e-Bulk for the full month of March 2013. Withdrawn applications have not been included. Produced for an FOI request.