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NHS Workforce Statistics: Medical and Dental Staff

A detailed view of the NHS Medical and dental workforce including consultants, registrars and other doctors in training. Data for medical and dental staff are an annual snapshot of the number of...

NHS Workforce Statistics: Non-Medical Staff

A detailed view of the NHS non-medical workforce including nurses, scientists and support staff. Excluding medical or dental doctors within the Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS) and...

HPI: Health care resourcing for medical, surgical and psychiatric specialties

Health Poverty Index - Situation of Health: Health care resourcing: Net health care expenditure (inpatient and outpatients) per capita for medical, surgical and psychiatric specialties Source:...

HPI: Access to recreational facilities

Health Poverty Index - Intervening Factors: Access to recreational facilities per capita Source: Department of Health (DoH), Sport England Sports Gateway Facility Finder Publisher: Health Poverty...

Hospital Estates and Facilities Statistics

The data provides a central source of information on the estates and facilities services in the NHS. It covers such aspects as the size of the estate, quality of its buildings, energy efficiency...

Forestry Commission Event and Facility use Customer List

A list of individuals who have used Forestry Commission facilities and attended Forestry Commission organised events and concerts.

National Archives - Trade Union Facility Time Data

The data provides information about the time employees take off for official trade union activities, and the costs involved. This data is also available on

Crown Prosecution Service Facility Time Report 2017-2018

The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 requires the CPS to collate and publish, on an annual basis, a range of data on the amount and cost of facility time within...

National Archives Trade Union Facility Time 2018-19

The data provides information about the time National Archives employees take off for official trade union activities, and the costs involved.

Facilities Points

points of interest related to access route. E.g. toilets, caf, parking

Recycling facilities

Type and address for all recycling facilities avaliable in North Somerset.

BMX facilities

BMX facilities in and around Bristol

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) database

Facilities management helpdesk database of staff name, office address and queries.

Adverse Incident Reporting (medical devices)

adverse incidents involving medical devices. Continuous collection. Safety reportsconcerning medical devices - collection, analysis and response

Metrolink Stop Facilities

Details of the facilities at Metrolink stops including accessibility information, car and cycle parking

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Natural or artificial surfaces either publicly or privately owned used for sport and recreation. Examples of such provision include outdoor sports pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens, golf...

Outdoor sports facilities

This dataset shows a list of Leeds City Council (Parks and Countryside) and parish council managed outdoor recreation sites. It is recognised that some sections still need to be completed. If you...

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Historic dataset. Has not been accurately updated for approximately 5 years and the accuracy of the data cannot be verified.

Disabled Facilities Grants

This dataset contains statistics on Disabled Facilities Grants, broken down by financial year and will be updated on an annual basis. Disabled Facilities Grants are available to provide...

Norfolk Recycling Facilities

Locations of Recycling Facilities in Norfolk