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Minerals Safeguarding Areas

This data is defined by The Minerals Plan. It meets aggregate requirements and protects mineral resources across Greater Manchester until to 2028. Areas of Search and Mineral Safeguarding Areas...

Mineral Safeguarding Zones

Mineral safeguarding zones in Milton Keynes

Mineral Safeguarding Area

Mineral Safeguarding Areas as defined in the Site Specific Policies Local Plan Adopted 12 September 2012. It is important to protect essential mineral infrastructure and safeguard mineral resources...

Industrial Safeguard Zone

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Industrial Safeguard Zone and was part of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan (2005)

Statutory Safeguarding Zone

Dataset shows statutory safeguarding zone around nuclear power station

Rail Safeguarding Area

Rail Safeguarding Area

Statutory Safeguarding Zones

HS2 Safeguarding Zone is the area protected from development which would affect the construction or use of HS2.

Mineral Safeguarding Area

Areas of minerals subject to safeguarding through the Minerals Strategy. This strategy has not yet been adopted. The mineral safeguarding area is also defined as a mineral consultation area

Rail Safeguarding Lines

Areas where the railway will be shallow, at or above ground level.They may also include land required permanently for stations, ventilation and access shafts. Here all planning applications must be...

Mineral Safeguarding Zones

Milton Keynes Council is the Minerals Planning Authority (MPA) for the Borough. As the MPA, Milton Keynes Council has prepared a new Minerals Local Plan (MLP) in line with the National Planning...

Heliport Safeguarding Zone

shows the boundaries where applications must consult with CAA

Safeguarded Waste Site

showing boundaries of areas safeguarded for waste use

Tunnel Safeguarding Lines

showing areas that TFL consultation is required on planning applications due to tube tunnels running beneath the site.

Crossrail Safeguarding Area

Crossrail safeguarding and surface interest polygon. This Policy Area is relevant to the City Plan Strategic Policy S23: Smithfield and Barbican and Strategic Policy S26: Liverpool Street and Local...

Airport Safeguarding Area

Airport safeguarding polygon layer. This Policy Area is relevant to the City Plan 2036 Strategic Policy S12: Tall Buildings and Local Plan Tall Buildings Policy CS14.Name – Name of the Policy...

Drinking Water Safeguard Zones (Surface Water)

Drinking Water Safeguard Zones (Surface Water) are catchment areas that influence the water quality for their respective Drinking Water Protected Area (Surface Water). They are identified where the...

Land Safeguarded for Health Facilities

The extent of land safeguarded for the development of Health Facilites within Nottingham City.

Blackpool Aerodrome Safeguarding (2006)

Blackpool Aerodrome Safeguarding, as defined in the Blackpool Local Plan 2001/2016 (adopted June 2006)

Southend Airport Safeguarding Zone

This dataset shows the location of the safeguard zone around Southend Airport. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence...

Wolverhampton Minerals Safeguarding Areas

Wolverhampton City Council Minerals Safeguarding Areas