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Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Legal Help Line

Data on numbers of telephone calls and nature of query on the telephone duty line

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Freedom Of Information's and SAR

Data sets reflecting the number of requests for FOI and SAR, with details and dates

Additional student support release

Due to high levels of public interest in the processing of Higher Education Student Support applications by Student Finance England, the Student Loan Company, in conjunction with BIS analysts,...

Additional Student Support Statistics

Provides provisional statistics showing how applications for student support in higher education are progressing through the processing stages and showing payments made to the students in this...

Support staff in maintained schools

Full-time equivalent support staff in maintained nursery, primary, special schools and pupil referral units Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) Publisher: Department...

Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning

These tables show areas allocated grant and direct support since 1st May 2013

Supporting People Client Record

This service provides acces to Client Records, Short-term Outcomes and Long-term Outcomes. The latter two require a password to access the data. The site is run and managed by the Centre for Housng...

Income Support (Northern Ireland)

Presents data from the Income Support (IS) Quarterly Statistical Enquiry, shows the key features of the IS population and how they compare with claimants in earlier periods, provides a summary of...

Employment and Support Allowance database

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Database contains details of customers claiming ESA, an integrated contributory and income-related allowance for customers claiming benefit on the grounds of...

Employment Support Allowance (ESA)

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) replaced Incapacity Benefit and Income Support paid on the grounds of incapacity for new claims from 27th October 2008. Statistics releases from 2008 to...

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Information Technology Particular Needs

Data pertaining to specialist IT equipment supplied to Cafcass employees that constitutes a reasonable adjustment

Numbers and service areas receiving support as part of Cabinet Office Mutuals Support Programme

This information, published on a quarterly basis, presents the number of organisations or groups of staff who have received support from the Mutuals Information Service (MIS), according to the...

NHS Support Agencies

NHS Support Agencies and Shared Services Contains: NHS Support Agencies in England: including current organisations and data for organisations that have closed in the current or previous...

Commissioning Support Units

Commissioning Support Units (CSU) Contains: Ecsu.csv contains parent CSUs and Data Management and Integration Centres (DMIC). DMICs will collate commissioning intelligence pertaining to...

Student Support for Higher Education in England

Statistics on student support are published as Student Support for Higher Education in England and include data from England covering student loans and grants for tuition fees and...

Under Eighteen Support Team System

Under Eighteen Support Team Database containing details of Jobseekers Allowance Hardship claims for 16 & 17 year olds. Information includes Name, National Insurance Number, Address and...

Neighbourhood Planning support organisation information

Data relating to the grant agreement with an external body to administer support to neighbourhood planning areas

Income Support Lone Parent Regime

Quarterly statistics on the number of Work Focused Interviews attended by, and number of sanctions applied to, Income Support Lone Parent...

Supporting analysis for the higher education white paper

Underlying data from BIS economics paper no. 14 Supporting analysis for the Higher Education White Paper [URN 11/1007]

Child Support Agency Quarterly Summary of Statistics

Statistics from the Child Support Agency. Source agency: DWP / Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: CSA; QSS