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Tax Revenue Forecasts

5 year ahead revenue forecasts for all taxes

Environmental Tax Bulletin

Bulletins provide a full historic series of data detailing amounts of goods cleared and amount of duty collected. Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: Official Statistics not...

Corporation Tax Liabilities

Provides breakdowns of the corporation liability by number, income, allowances, deductions, company sector and financial year for the UK. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits:...

Landfill Tax Bulletin

Monthly statistics on Landfill Tax receipts, liabilities and tonnage for the UK. Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Insurance Premium Tax

Administrative datasets on Insurance Premium Tax

Net Tax Receipts

Tax receipts. Updated: monthly.

Net Tax Receipts

Tax receipts. Updated: monthly.

Tax Compliance Checks

Verification that suppliers are tax compliant. Updated: annually.

Tax Gap Data

Data collected by HMRC KAI Enforcement and Compliance as part of tax gap estimates. Updated: varied.

Petroleum Revenue Tax

Provides analysis of Petroleum Revenue Tax (PRT) assessments showing gross profits, expenditures and reliefs, oil allowance and safeguard restriction and breakdowns of the number of fields whose...

Income Tax Receipts

This publication contains income tax receipts broken down according to the way in which tax is collected (through Pay As You Earn, Self Assessment etc), income tax repayments and tax credit figures...

Repayments of Tax to Charities

Provides annual information on the repayments of tax and payments of tax credits to charities. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Charitable donations and tax...

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Personal and stakeholder pensions by tax year

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit Statistics, Finalised Award

Retrospective picture of finalised annual awards and payments made to families who claimed WTC and or CTC in the previous year; provides details on family circumstance and average entitlement as...

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit Statistics, Error and Fraud

An annual measure of the levels of error and fraud in finalised Tax Credt awards. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Personal Tax Credits'. Source agency: HM Revenue and...

PS Enterprise

HR records for permanent DFID staff and records of former staff.

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)

Annual returns made by Enterprise Investment Scheme companies. Updated: Quarterly. Data available from 1993/94 onwards

Capital for Enterprise Ltd GPC Transactional Spend more than or equal to £500.

Capital for Enterprise Limited is now part of Britis Business Bank. Operations and Staff were transferred from 1 October 2013. No additional data will be published for this organisation. This...

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit Statistics, Small Area Data

Detailed annual lower level geographical estimates of families and their children in receipt of Child & Working Tax Credits as at 31 August of the reference year; geographical location at...

Research and Development Tax Credits

Provides annual information about the uptake of R&D (Research & Development) tax credits, their cost, and the nature of the companies claiming them. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based...