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Procurement Card Data

Details of all transactions made via the Council's Governement Procurement Card

Government Procurement Card

This dataset, published on a quarterly basis, contains details of all expenditure made on the council's Government Procurement Card. The use of the GPC refers to cards issued under a procurement...

Procurement Card Transactions

All procurement card transactions made by Calderdale Council. Amount paid shown net of VAT. This information is published as part of the [Local Government Transparency...

Procurement Card Transactions

Rochdale Borough Council DOES NOT use Government Procurement Cards.

Procurement card transactions

Wakefield Council transactions using procurement cards. Details include * date of the transaction * local authority department which incurred the expenditure * beneficiary * amount * ...

Procurement card transactions

Procurement card transactions at Scarborough Borough Council.

Purchase Card Transactions

The reports in this section list all transaction on our Government Procurement Cards.

Department for Transport government procurement card (GPC) transactions

Government procurement card (GPC) transactions above £500 for the Department for Transport and transport agencies. Information on GOV.UK about Department for Transport government procurement...

Procurement card spend over £500

British Council procurement card spend items over £500. This information is published in line with UK Central Government's commitment to transparency and also under section 19 of the Freedom of...

Applications for access to historical adoption records

All new applications for the provision of intermediary services under section 98 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) Publisher:...

List of representors on TWA Order applications

List of names and addresses of each person who has made representations on an application for an Order under the Transport Works Act (TWA), together with a reference number. Each application has...

Police funding: special grant applications

Applications for special grant funding made by police and crime commissioners to the Home Office.

Secondary School Applications and Offers in England

Information about secondary school applications and offers received by parents on National Offer Day as provided by local authorities. Source agency: Education Designation: Official Statistics...

Impact indicator: planning applications granted

The number of planning applications granted as a percentage of all major and minor schemes #### How the figure is calculated: The number of planning applications for major or minor schemes...

NI 157 - Processing of planning applications as measured against targets for 'major' 'minor' and 'other' application types

This indicator measures the percentage of planning applications dealt with in a timely manner: major, minor and other. All local planning authorities except county councils should use CLG form PS2...

BIS Government Procurement Card spend - transactions over £500

Spreadsheets in this information set reflect all monthly single transactions with a value of £500 or above. GPC or government procurement card expenditure is published in arrears. Before April...

Scotland Office Government Procurement Card spend over £500

Government Procurement Card spend over £500 for the Scotland Office

DCMS Government Procurement Card spend: transactions over £500

DCMS has published all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for all staff that hold GPC’s. The data published inculdes transactions that have a single transaction value of £500 or above. This...

Defra Government Procurement Card spend - transactions over £500

Defra has published all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for Departmental GPC’s. The data published includes transactions that have a single transaction value of £500 or above. From May...

Council spending on procurement cards

All spending on Government Procurement Cards as mandated for publishing under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. Published on a monthly basis.