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A Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is a unique numeric identifier for every addressable location in Great Britain, found in OS's AddressBase products. An addressable location may be any kind...

CWI Children in Need Domain 2009

This domain is about children who are in various kinds of need. The Children in Need Survey (2005) (CiN), from the Department for Children, Schools and Families, provides information on all the...

One-year survival from all cancers (NHSOF 1.4.i)

A measure of the number of adults diagnosed with any type of cancer in a year who are still alive one year after diagnosis. Purpose This indicator attempts to capture the success of the NHS in...

WIAT Challenge Fund Car Park

The Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT) programme provides the focus for Scottish Forestry's work on improving quality of life in towns and cities. This dataset related to the second phase of the...

NNDR Write Ons 2016/2017

NNDR Write Ons 2017

NNDR Write Ons 2015/2016

NNDR account write ons 2015/2016

Wycombe business rates write ons

List of businesses in Wycombe district where a "write on" has been used to cancel an overpayment which has not beeen reversed.

NNDR Write Ons 2014/2015

NNDR account write ons 2014/2015

Sunderland Priority One Gritting Routes

List of roads classified as priority one gritting routes across the City of Sunderland. These are knows as stratigic routes.

One Public Estate Open Data

Freehold and Leasehold assets - Land and/or buildings that Bradford Council own or lease. NOTE: Some of the assets are leased to a third party who will have maintenance responsibilities. Some of...

Clifton Library Consultation - Stage One

This dataset contains the results of a survey regarding the proposed relocation and development of Clifton Library, conducted from July to September 2021 by Explore York Libraries and Archives in...

Non-domestic rates write ons

Non-domestic business rates write ons

Ryedale Business Rates Write Ons

Business Rates (National Non Domestic Rates (NNDR)) Write Ons

NNDR Write Ons 2017/2018

NNDR Write Ons 2017/2018

Better Health for London: One Year On

This data outlines the latest data measuring the 10 key aspirations for London's Health as part of the overarching goal to make London the world's healthiest major global city. This page contains...


EU Survey of Production.


NES/ASHE Panel Dataset.


Covers investment by insurance companies, pension funds and trusts.

One Scotland Gazetteer

The One Scotland Gazetteer is an address database made up of all 32 individual local authority gazetteers. All addresses are created in accordance with the national standard for addressing,...

Prison estate register

A register of the prison estates in England and Wales as defined by HM Prison and Probation Service Registers - Registers are lists of information. Each register is the most reliable list of its...