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Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit Statistics, Error and Fraud

An annual measure of the levels of error and fraud in finalised Tax Credt awards. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Personal Tax Credits'. Source agency: HM Revenue and...

List of domain names

The UK Government manages the domain name registry in order to signify digital services that are part of the administration of the state, so that they can be identified as authoritative and...

Vocational Qualifications in the UK

Provides information on accredited vocational qualifications awarded in the UK. It shows vocational qualification awards by level, gender, age and occupational area. Source agency: Business,...

Scores for 2010 Building for Life housing award winners

Scores for housing projects submitted to the Building for Life housing awards 2010. For details see

Dance and Drama Awards Scheme Annual MI returns

The DaDA annual data return is a mandatory collection from the 19 private dance and drama institutions which participate in the scheme. Two data collections are made in the academic year, one in...

30th Round Provisional Awards Map (CNS south)


31st Round Provisional Award Map (CNS North)


30th Round Provisional Awards Map (CNS North)

Central North Sea (north section) 30th Round Provisional Awards Map

31st Round Provisional Award Map (CNS South)


31st Round Provisional Award Map (Irish Sea)


31st Round Provisional Award Map (NNS and WoS)


UKCS Carbon Storage Areas Provisional Awards (ED50)

No description provided

Benefits and Credits Error and Fraud Analytical Programme (EFAP)

Contains the results of enquiries carried out by claimant compliance into a stratified random sample of 5,000 finalised Child and Working tax credit awards. Details include yield found, direction...

Police transformation fund

The police transformation fund is intended to transform policing by investing in digitalisation, a diverse and flexible workforce and new capabilities to respond to changing crimes and...

Supplemental Qualifications

Supplemental Qualifications Quarterly Activity Bulletin covers Entry to Level 3 Qualifications for Basic skills, Entry level, ESOL, Free-standing mathematics qualifications, Functional skills, Key...

Malpractice in GCSE and GCE

Awarding organisations must investigate and issue penalties for any candidate or centre malpractice that might undermine the integrity of an exam. Ofqual collects and reports information on...

Honours Database

Record of all nominees for Honour awards since BD09

Ceased Officers Database

Old Payroll Data contains preserved awards and queries etc. Data collection ceased.

Special consideration in GCSE and A level

Numbers of adjustments to the marks of candidates who have not been able to demonstrate attainment because of exceptional circumstances. Awarding organisations are required to have procedures...

Personal Independence Payment Statistics

This release will include experimental Official Statistics on PIP caseload by geographical breakdown, main disability, age, mobility award, daily living award, gender and normal and special rules...