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London's Zero Carbon Pathways Tool

London’s Zero Carbon Pathways Tool shows four ways that carbon emissions might be reduced to net zero by 2030. The Tool, developed by Element Energy, accompanies the report “[Analysis of a Net...

Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT)

Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT) An interactive spreadsheet for comparing data about children and young people across all local authorities in England. The LAIT presents information in...

COVID-19 Deaths Mapping Tool

This mapping tool enables you to see how COVID-19 deaths in your area may relate to factors in the local population, which research has shown are associated with COVID-19 mortality. It maps...

Tree Canopy Cover Prioritisation Tool

This is a new tool to help decision-makers choose which locations within London might be prioritised for tree planting. This tool presents the Curio Canopy – London Tree Canopy Cover map at ward...

Drinking Water Safeguard Zones (Groundwater)

Drinking Water Groundwater Safeguard Zones (SgZs) are established around public water supplies where additional pollution control measures are needed. The Water Framework Directive requires that...

Safety critical Equipment recorded on Safeguard

All Safety Critical Personal Protective Equipment recorded on the Environment Agency's health and safety management system (Safeguard) since it went live in January 2015. Attribution statement: ©...

Drinking Water Safeguard Zones (Surface Water)

Drinking Water Safeguard Zones (Surface Water) are catchment areas that influence the water quality for their respective Drinking Water Protected Area (Surface Water), which are at risk of failing...

LPD18 Safeguarded Land (Protected)

Local Planning Document 2018 - Safeguarded Land (Protected) Dataset (Policy LPD16) 

Wicken Fen safeguarding area

Wicken Fen safeguarding area.

LDP Employment Safeguarding Area

Employment Safeguarding Areas designated in the Adopted Powys LDP (2011 - 2026) The Powys Local Development Plan (2011-2026) was adopted by Powys County Council on the 17th of April 2018 and...

Chivenor and Burrington Safeguarding Zones

An area designated in the authority's local plan, restricting development where it wold be detrimental to aircraft safety.

Blackpool Aerodrome Safeguarding (2006)

Blackpool Aerodrome Safeguarding, as defined in the Blackpool Local Plan 2001/2016 (adopted June 2006)

Minerals Resource Safeguarding Zones

Dataset shows the safeguarding zones for selected minerals resources within the boundaries of North Yorkshire County Council

High Speed 2 Safeguarding

This is a buffer around the proposed High Speed 2 railway. Properties applying for planning permission must be flagged. Property owners within the zone who would feel adversely affected can serve...

Wolverhampton Minerals Safeguarding Areas

Wolverhampton City Council Minerals Safeguarding Areas

Staffordshire Mineral Safeguard Areas

Safeguarded mineral deposits identified under Policy 3 of the Adopted Staffordshire Minerals Local 2015-30.


Dataset showing hazardous substances safeguarding areas

Southend Airport Safeguarding Zone

This dataset shows the location of the safeguard zone around Southend Airport. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence...


National Air Traffic Services Consultation Zones in Bovingdon

BCKLWN Statutory Safeguarding Zones

The BCKLWN is advised, usually by issue of maps, of the safeguarded area around an aerodrome. BCKLWN then consults with the aerodrome concerned about any Planning Application within this area,...