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Child and Working Tax Credit (CTC) and (WTC) and children in out of work household geographical analysis for Local Authorities

This data provides bi-annual analysis of the number of children and families receiving Child Tax Credit (CTC) or working Tax Credit (WTC) and whether they are in out of work households. This data...

Fair Treatment at Work

Part of series

Police funding: special grant applications

Applications for special grant funding made by police and crime commissioners to the Home Office.

Country Returns Guide

Home Office guidance on documentation requirements and processes for the return of immigration offenders to their country of origin.

Crime in England and Wales: Quarterly Update

Presents the most recent crime statistics from the British Crime Survey (BCS) and police recorded crime in England and Wales. Responsibility for the compilation and publication of all crime...

Perceptions of crime, engagement with the police, authorities dealing with anti-social behaviour and Community Payback: from the 2010/11 British Crime Survey, Supplementary Volume 1 to Crime in England and Wales 2010/11

Home Office Statistical Bulletin 18/11 is the first in a series of supplementary volumes that accompany the main annual Home Office Statistical Bulletin ‘Crime in England and Wales...

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning system known as Adelphi

Enterprise Resource Planning system containing all Home Office HR, procurement and financial information.

Care Home Sites

Care Home Sites Contains: Care Home site data. In the ‘Care Homes’ files, field 15 identifies the owning organisation of each individual Care Home organisation - in other words, their...

Intensive home care

The number of households receiving intensive home care (More than 10 contact hours and 6 or more visits during the week) during the sample week. Source: CSCI Performance Assessment Framework...

Care Home HQ

Care Home Headquarters Contains: Care Home HQ data. A standard across ODS data is to maintain a parent-child structure between organisations and their sites, building up a picture of the...

Child and Working Tax Credits - Finalised Awards

Annual average Child and Working tax credits statistics of finalised awards for each year. Geographical analysis down to local authority level. Supplement on over and under payments. Supplement...

Child and Working Tax Credits - Provisional Awards

Child and Working tax credits statistics of provisional awards at snapshot points during the year. Geographical analysis down to local authority level.

Home insulation levels in Great Britain

Updates to this release can now be found in the dataset Green Deal/ECO and home insulation levels in Great Britain statistics. Estimates of the number of homes with loft insulation and cavity...

Homes and Communities Agency Housing Statistics

Starts and completions of housing under HCA schemes. Covers England excluding London with the exception of schemes administered by the HCA on behalf of the Greater London Authority, where the...

Lost, stolen and recovered mobiles, laptops and removable media

These tables present annual figures for lost, stolen and recovered blackberries, mobile phones, laptops and removable media at the Home Office, from 2005 onwards. .

Alcohol and late Night Refreshment Licensing

Alcohol and late Night Refreshment Licensing Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Alcohol Licensing


Number of Anti-Social Behavioural Orders, as reported to the Home Office, by all courts and where restrictions are imposed within Local Authority areas. Data4NR reference.

Drug intervention programme: Grants to drug action teams 2007/08 onwards

These files show the main grants for the drug action teams from 2007-08 onwards. Grants are jointly funded (in England) by the Home Office and Department of Health.

Crimes Detected in England and Wales

Statistics on the levels and trends in detections and detection rates in England and Wales Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Central government police revenue funding 1995-96 to 2009-10

The Home Office is publishing a series of consistent police revenue funding numbers from 1995/96-2009/10. This allows comparison of funding levels over time.