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Testing and Registration System (TARS)

Testing and Registration System (TARS) includes all the information collected at the point of booking a practical driving test including name, address, driver number, contact details, any health...

Local Authority Licensing of Activities involving Animals returns

The release summarises local authority activity in relation to the licensing of activities involving animals. It includes the number of licences in force per activity, as well as the average fees...

Diagnostic Imaging Dataset Statistics

Provisional monthly data on diagnostic imaging tests on NHS patients in England. Includes estimates of GP usage of direct access to chest imaging, non-obstetric ultrasound and MRI brain scans which...

Green Deal cashback omnibus

Omnibus survey of consumers to test response to cashback options

Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) surveillanceᅠ

Record the results of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) testing.


Restricted Data collected by Qinetiq of GPP test data

Non-NHS Organisations

Non-NHS Organisations Contains: Independent Providers: Registered and Non-Registered Non-NHS Organisations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, including...

The Database of Teacher Records

The Database of Teacher Records is a byproduct of the administration of the Teachers' Pension Scheme. The provision of data to the scheme is a statutory requirement. It includes teachers and...

Sitka spruce Population Study. A study in the natural variation of economic traits within an unselected population of Sitka spruce

The operational Sitka spruce selection and breeding programme commenced in 1963 with the selection in British forests of superior individuals for height, diameter, stem straightness and branching...

Domiciliary Care Services for Adults, Northern Ireland

This statistical bulletin presents information on the number of clients receiving domiciliary care services from the statutory and independent sectors during a survey week. It provides information...

Green Deal loan versus subsidy omnibus

Omnibus survey of consumers to test appeal of 0% loans versus subsidy

Net CO2 exchange, evaporation and heat flux data from Alice Holt plantation tower (1999-2012)

Net CO2, evaporation and heat flux data have been collected at the Alice Holt Flux tower since 1999, these data are used in combination with the data set ‘Meteorological and climatological data...

DNA Population Data to support the Implementation of National DNA Database DNA-17 Profiling

The new profiling system is known as DNA 17 and this file provides background data to its use. The National DNA Database was launched in 1995 with SGM (Second Generation Multiplex) DNA...

National Curriculum Assessments at Key Stage 2 in England

Provides provisional information on the achievements of eligible pupils (typically 11 year olds) in the National Curriculum assessments at Key Stage 2 and 3 (KS2 and KS3). At KS2, assessments are...

Covid-19 - Test and Trace Support applications (type)

Identifying whether application was for the main scheme or discretionary scheme.

Covid-19 - Test and Trace Support applications (ward)

Identifying in which council ward the applicant lives.

Covid-19 - Test and Trace Support applications (gender)

Identifies the number of claims split between declared genders of male and female.

Covid-19 - Positive tests by age band for Leicester

Covid-19 positive tests: rolling 7-day rate per 100,000 population and number by age band.Data is updated weekly.

Covid-19 - Test and Trace Support applications (spend)

Identifies running total of amount spent on both main scheme and discretionary scheme.

Covid-19 - Positive tests in the previous seven days

Coronavirus (Covid-19) positive tests in Leicester.