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List of Current Byelaws

List of Current Byelaws in the Borough

FBC Listed Buildings

A polygonised record of all statutory and locally listed buildings in Fareham Borough.

Blaby Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings located within the District of Blaby

Nationally Listed Buildings

This layer shows the locally listed buildings in Watford

Locally Listed Buildings

This layer shows the locally listed buildings in Watford

Locally Listed Buildings

shows the boundaries and locations of heritage assets in lambeth

Housing waiting list

Data showing the number of households on the housing waiting list in Plymouth

List of schools in York

This dataset contains details of all currently open Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Special Schools in York For more information on schools and contact details in York, including recent changes...

GLA Establishment List

List of all established posts in the GLA by directorate, department and grade, as at 30th September 2010. The previous version of this dataset is also [available...

Sheffield Listed Buildings

Spatial extent of all Listed Buildings within the Sheffield City Council Local Planning Area. Listing marks and celebrates a building's special architectural and historic interest, and also brings...

Camden Local List

Contains Camden's Local List data

Statutory Listed Buildings

The dataset contains polygons for statutory listed buildings within the London Borough of Barnet. These are buildings, objects or structures considered to be of special architectural or historic...

Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls building daily court lists

Available as text at

Global Threat Reduction Programme Nuclear Security Access List

Details of individuals with clearance to access various international nuclear installations

International Symposium on Innovative Tools in Social Investment - invitation list

Names and contact details of stakeholders invited to the International Symposium in Nov 2012.

Defra Human Resources All Employees Staff List Report

This report was generated by the Defra Human Resources Team prior to the introduction of the single operating system. The assessment is that this report contains personal data. Attribution...

DBS list of current Registered and Umbrella Bodies

Dataset includes a current list of all DBS Registered and Umbrella Bodies. From 2014 data also included the number of DBS applications received from each Registered and Umbrella Body.

Operational Hubs data standard controlled list

This is the controlled list of the 3 Environment Agency Operational Hubs and is the standard list for re-use across the Agency. An operational hub is a grouping of geographically linked Areas,...

Standardised list of human activities in the marine environment

This table is a list of human activities associated with the marine environment and their descriptions. This list was created after a review of previous attempts to link human activities to marine...

National Accommodation Team Corporate Disposal List

Corporate Property disposal list created for the National Accommodation Team. Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2016. All rights reserved.