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World Explorer Premium

More detailed (than standard ESRI GIS) mapping data for the world

Performance Related Pay for HM Land Registry

Publication of information on Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay data for HM Land Registry.

SFO non-consolidated performance related pay

These non-consolidated performance related pay figures are being published as part of the government's commitment to transparency. These figures are not official statistics but internal information...

Public Relations and Affilliations Manag

Public relations data - HMS BULWARK A record of affiliations and public relations data.

Flood Plan Explorer

The Flood Plan Explorer is an online map-based system designed to hold measures associated with the Flood Risk Management Plans. The measures can contain both text and spatial data. Measures can be...

Salaries and Related Records

Employee pay history records, salary rate registers, salary ledger cards/records

Non-consolidated performance related pay 15/16

Non-consolidated performance related pay 2015/16

Human Relations - Employee Relations & Human Relations Direct

Commissioned Medical Reports; Health Insurance paperwork including claims forms; ill health retirement paperwork; Employee Assistance Programme; Access to work reports ; casework information

Performance-related pay - Home Office

Data on non-consolidated performance-related payments in the Home Office and its agencies..

Impact indicator: fire related casualties

Fire-related casualties per 100,000 population #### How the figure is calculated: Number of fire-related casualties in England in the reporting period divided by latest ONS mid-year population...

Employees receiving job-related training

Employees receiving job-related training Source: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Annual Population Survey (APS) Publisher: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills...

DCLG Data4NR: Football related offences

Football related arrests and offences by type of offence for all football clubs in England (Premiership to Blue Square Premier) for the 2007/08 season. Data4NR reference.

Food Standards Agency - Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay

Information on Non-Consolidated Performance Related Payments made to SCS and Non-SCS Staff.

OFT Non-consolidated performance related pay - 2010-11

The Office of Fair Trading has published data on non consolidated performance related pay for the performance year 2010-11.

Shoreline Management Plan Explorer

Shoreline Management Plan Explorer (SMP Explorer) is an online digital and map based system to hold the details of shoreline management plans around the coast of England. SMP-Explorer was developed...

Staff related inherited liabilities

Individualised data on former institutional staff and pension payment amounts arising from legislation in the 1970s and 1980s

Article 4

Article 4 (2) Directive in Gosport as of November 2017.

Article 4

Article 4 Directions are issued by the Council where specific control over a development is required.

Article 4

Article 4 Directions registered (in the local land charges register) after 1 January 2012 located within the Hastings Borough Council administrative area (Polygon Dataset). Article 4 directions...

Article 4

Areas subject to specific development controls reflecting the unique character of the area of acknowledged importance