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ACP and Redundancy Database (SERCO)

Database maintained to verify contractor's claims for Annual Compensation Payments (pensions) and redundancy costs.

ACP and Redundancy Database (BAE)

Database maintained to verify contractor's claims for Annual Compensation Payments (pensions) and redundancy costs.

NHS Workforce - Redundancies

NHS Hospital & Community Health Service (HCHS) monthly workforce statistics - Provisional Statistics: Timeseries of Redundancies

Employment Information - Redundancy Return

Number of employees who have been made redundant.

Redundancy Cost Data

List historical and forecast redunancy cost data for analysis and forecast purposes.

ANR (Advanced Notification of Redundancy)

Information gathering database for advanced notification of redundancy for companies with over 20 Employee's at the risk of redundancy at any one site.

Labour Force Survey Redundancy Tables

Updated quarterly tables on redundancy, not seasonally adjusted. The tables cover redundancy for: total numbers, rates and re-employment rates; industry numbers and rates; regional numbers and...

Priority Places for England: 2016

The data is used to support the Woodland Carbon Fund, which was launched in 2016. The Forestry Commission identified Priority Places for England (PPE) areas based on data that includes populations,...

Human resources data

Human Resources Data including Redundancy, Leavers, Staff Count and Sickness. Additional Information Click the link for more information:...

User Satisfaction survey

A questionnaire is completed by users of our service (Bankrupts; Directors; Insolvency Practitioners; Redundancy Payments claimants). Dataset has no attributable personal data, only views of the...

Champ (Case Handling And Making Payments)

Processing database containing information of insolvent companies and claimants who have applied for redundancy related payments. Also includes information on solvent companies who have applied for...

Senior salaries

The remuneration and job title of employees whose salary is at least £50000.This information is published annually.Note 1 - Employee is contracted for less than full time hours in this post.Note 2...

Daisy Wisdom

Electronic Records Management application - Service wide RM storage solution, covering ISCIS & CHAMP Electronic Case Files, Electronic Staff Files, Corporate, Financial Management &...

Eurasian pollen data from 21 kiloannum to the present

This dataset contains fossil and modern pollen data collated during a workshop held in the UK in 2008 as part of the NERC (Quantifying and Understanding the Earth System) QUEST programme. The 96...

Invertebrate activity data from an experiment in Malaysian Borneo, 2014-16 [HMTF]

This resource comprises a time series dataset of ant and other invertebrate abundance measured fortnightly at bait monitoring cards on an experimental plot in the Maliau Basin Conservation Area,...