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BIRPS (BIRPS) Geophysical Survey OCEAN: BIRPS Deep profile; Cape Verde (24/Sep/1991 to 30/Sep/1991)

This BIRPS deep profile survey took place in September 1991 off Cape Verde aboard the Bin Hai. The layout of the profiles consisted of two lines parallel to the spreading axis and nine lines...

Microgravity data from Uturuncu Volcano, central Andes (November 2022) (NERC Grant NE/S008845/1)

Microgravity data collected at Uturuncu Volcano located in the Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex, central Andes, in November 2022. Raw data collected along a survey line spanning from Laguna Colorada...

Ocean island olivine and spinel major element compositions (NERC Grant NE/T012455/1)

The dataset consists of elemental compositions determined for olivine and spinel from 13 ocean islands, including Azores, Balleny, Cook-Austral, Crozet, Cape Verde, Fernando de Noronha, Galapagos,...