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SFO government procurement card expenditure

This government procurement card expenditure information is being published as part of the government's commitment to transparency. These figures are not official statistics. They are internal...

Rough Sleepers Count

Street Count of Rough Sleepers Rough sleeping counts and estimates are single night snapshots of the number of people sleeping rough in local authority areas. Local authorities decide whether to...

Traveller Caravan Count

The bi-annual statistical Count of Traveller Caravans count of the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised sites across England. The count takes place every January and June. ...

Count of Traveller Caravans

The bi-annual Count Traveller Caravans takes place twice a year and records the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised sites across England. It was known as the ‘Count of Gypsy and...

Traveller caravan count

Count of Gypsy and Traveller Caravans recording the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised sites by tenure Source: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Publisher: Communities...

Traveller caravan count

Statistical data on Gypsy and Traveller caravans in England on both authorised and unauthorised sites across, including listings of local authority sites.

ID Card Database

A database of personal information of RN personnel engaged with maritime youth organisations (Sea cadets, Sea Scouts etc).

Road accident casualty: counts

Statistics about personal injury road accidents and their consequent casualties. The dataset includes counts of adults and children who are killed or seriously injured as well as counts of more...

Rail passenger count data

Rail Analysis. Train operators collect passenger count data on periodic cycles (at least biannually), to facilitate capacity planning and rolling stock allocation within individual Train Operating...


Number of Anti-Social Behavioural Orders, as reported to the Home Office, by all courts and where restrictions are imposed within Local Authority areas. Data4NR reference.

GB Road Traffic Counts

The Department for Transport collects traffic data to produce statistics on the level of traffic on roads in Great Britain. Summary statistics of road traffic are published on an annual and...

Traffic Count

Traffic count from 8 counter located around Calderdale. Please note * Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken.  * Cosit - camera ID number which indicates the camera location...

Count of datasets on over time

Provides a historical record of the numbers of datasets on and gives basic breakdown of the means that they got onto the site. Analyses the dump files produced nightly (available...

DCLG DATA4NR: Robbery offences, count

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Robberies. Data4NR reference.

DCLG Data4NR: Burglary in a dwelling, Count

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Burglary in a dwelling counts. Data4NR reference.

Worklessness Summary Statistics: Claimant count

Claimant Count; the number and percentage of claimants of Jobseeker's Allowance, broken down by age band and duration of claim. Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS),Department for Work and...

UK Defence Statistics Pocket Cards

A summary of the annual statistics compendium of the Ministry of Defence Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: UKDS Pocket Cards

DWP Government Procurement Card Payments

DWP payments over £500 using the Government Procurement Card in the month.

UKTI Government Procurement Card spend - transactions over £500

UKTI has published all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for Departmental GPC's. The data published includes transactions that have a single transaction value of £500 or above. This data will...

Government Procurement Card spend over £500 for The Charity Commission

Government Procurement Card spend over £500 for The Charity Commission for England and Wales. The documents detail all expenditure with suppliers via a Government Procurement Card covering...