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Polygon feature representing a manmade construction that is not a building. Examples include a mast, a chimney, and a crane.

Compound Structure

Polygon feature which encompasses one or more components and represents a manmade construction that has been built for a specific purpose. Examples include a bridge, a dam, and an aqueduct.

Structure Line

Feature which has a line geometry and represents a linear, freestanding, manmade construction that is not a building and is not wide enough to capture as a structure. Examples include a gate or...

Structure Point

Feature which has a point geometry and represents a freestanding manmade construction that is not a building and is less than 4m square but is considered to be of sufficient interest to be...

AIMS Structure

An asset used to control the flow of water Asset Sub-Types include: Control Gate, Draw Off Tower, Fish Pass, Hydrobrake, In Channel Stoplogs, Inspection Chamber, Jetty, Outfall, Screen, Spillway,...

Transparency Agenda Governance Structure

A map of all of the bodies and organisations involved in the government transparency agenda and the relationships between them.

AIMS Beach Structure

Assets used to protect the coast from erosion or provide access. Asset Sub-Types include: Breakwater, Groyne, Ramp, Slipway, Steps See the Data Requirements Library for more detail:...

European Union Farm Structure Survey

Results of the Northern Ireland Farm Structure Survey. Source agency: Agriculture and Rural Development (Northern Ireland) Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

AIMS Beach Structure Point

PLEASE NOTE: This dataset has now been retired as the records are published within other asset categories (AIMS Structure). This dataset was last updated on 03/11/2021. Details of all asset...

Cemetery Structures


The UK Fishing Industry: Structure and Activity

This report brings together information on the size and composition of the UK fishing fleet and its activity. Numbers of fishermen and statistics on accidents involving fishing vessels are...

Senior Management Structure

Senior Management structure displaying the top 3 tiers of management.This data will be updated when the structure changes.

Organisational Structure Chart

In line with the 2014 Transparency Code, this dataset contains the following - The top three levels of the organisation, along with grade, salary band, name, job title, local authority...

TfGM Organisation Structure

Data contains details of TfGM’s organisation structure (first three tiers of management), as required for publication to satisfy TfGM’s voluntary compliance with the Local Government Transparency...

TSP 9: UK Regular Forces Rank Structure

UK regular forces strengths by rank Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: TSP 9

Organogram and salary structure for Olympic Lottery Distributor

A list of posts and salary structures within the Olympic Lottery Distributor. Senior posts include title, contact details, their line manager, and where disclosed, the name of the officer.

Horizon Structure

This product contains soil series-layer properties which describe the respective structural properties of four successive nominal layers within each soil topsoil, upper subsoil, lower subsoil and...

Structure Of The Bedrock

The data comprises information on the subsurface structure of stratigraphic levels and units in the United Kingdom, detailing depth to and thickness of the units. These result from projects in...

Locally Important Building Structures

Buildings identified by the Authorities Conservation Officer as being important either historically or to the character of an area, but which have not been formally identified by English Heritage...

Bradford Council pay structure

The highest paid salary in this Authority is £178,476 p.a. which is paid to the Chief Executive. The average median salary in this Authority (not including employees in schools maintained by the...