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Salford City Council - Public toiletsCSV format

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ExtractDate OrganisationURI OrganisationLabel ServiceTypeURI ServiceTypeLabel LocationText CoordinateReferenceSystem GeoX GeoY GeoPointLicensingURL Category AccessibleCategory RADARKeyNeeded BabyChange FamilyToilet ChangingPlace AutomaticPublicConvenience FullTimeStaffing PartOfCommunityScheme CommunitySchemeName ChargeAmount InfoURL OpeningHours ManagedBy ReportEmail ReportTel Notes UPRN Postcode StreetAddress GeoAreaURI GeoAreaLabel
21/10/2014 Salford Public toilets Eccles shopping precinct OSGB36 377770 398665 Unisex Unisex TRUE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE Not set 0 24 hours Salford City Council +44 161 794 4711 Wheelchair accessible (RADAR key accessible) 100012850384 M30 0EA Public Conveniences, John William Street, Eccles Eccles