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BEIS Tax Arrangements for off-payroll appointeesBEIS any off-payroll engagements of board members or senior officials

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Organisation No. of off-payroll engagements of board members, and/or, senior officials with significiant financial responsibility, during financial year. (1) Total no. of individuals on payroll and off-payroll that have been deemed 'board members, and/or others with significant financial responsibility' during the financial year. This figure should include both on payroll and off-payroll engagements. (2) Notes
BEIS 1 16 (note a) (a) BEIS- 16 (7 Board Members, excluding ministers, plus Alex Chisholm, Jaee Samant, Angie Ridgwell (part year), Tom Taylor (part year) and Sarah Harrison (joined end of February 2018, but did not attend a Board Meeting in 2017-18)
ACAS 1 (note b) 7 (b) This refers to the Interim finance director. She was appointed in February 2017 and left Acas for a permanent position at BEIS in late August 2017. Her appointment was authorised by Acas’ Chief Executive Officer.
AHRC 0 3 Not set
BBB 1 (note c) 15 (c) Interim Head of Finance appointed to Start Up Loans Company. The appointment is for 6 months.