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BEIS Government Major Projects Portfolio dataBEIS Government Major Projects Portfolio data, 2021

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GMPP ID Number Project Name Department Annual Report Category Description / Aims IPA Delivery Confidence Assessment (A Delivery Confidence Assessment of the project at a fixed point in time, using a five-point scale, Red – Amber/Red – Amber – Amber/Green – Green; definitions in the IPA Annual Report on Major Projects) Departmental commentary on actions planned or taken on the IPA RAG rating. Project - Start Date (Latest Approved Start Date) Project - End Date (Latest Approved End Date) Departmental narrative on schedule, including any deviation from planned schedule (if necessary) Financial Year Baseline (£m) (including Non-Government Costs) Financial Year Forecast (£m) (including Non-Government Costs) Financial Year Variance (%) Departmental narrative on budget/forecast variance for 2020/21 (if variance is more than 5%) TOTAL Baseline Whole Life Costs (£m) (including Non-Government Costs) Departmental Narrative on Budgeted Whole Life Costs
BIS_0014_1415-Q3 New Polar Research Vessel BEIS Infrastructure and Construction Royal Research Ship Sir David Attenborough will replace two existing polar research/supply vessels with one dual purpose ship which planned to save £102m over 30 years Amber/Green Compared to 1920-Q2, the project's Infrastructure Project Authority's Delivery Confidence Assessment rating decreased from Amber to Amber/Green. This is primarily due to the following factors: Programme remains on scheduled but no time or cost contingency remains. Good progress has been made with interim acceptance happening in November 2020 an d the project remains on target for its first Antarctic season during 2021. 2014-05-01 2022-12-31 Compared to 1920-Q2, the project's end-date remained scheduled to finish on 31 December 2022 . This is primarily due to the following factors: Testing and trails are underway and remain on track. £43.00 £43.00 0% The budget variance is less than or equal to 5%. None, forecast remains on target. £1,419.50 Compared to 1920-Q2, the projects Baseline Whole Life Cost increased from £1403.00m to £1419.50m. This is primarily due to the following factors: The whole life costs represents costs until 2043/44. These costs include the project costs until closure and recurring Antarctic Partition and Logistics infrastructure budget costs.