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Data collated by NatureScot and Joint Nature Conservation Committee. Copyright ownership is recorded against individual records and varies from record to record the following are the copyright owners of individual records: A.C. Stephen, A.D. Ansell, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (Northern Ireland), Assynt Field Club, Bernard Picton, BMT Cordah Ltd, British Petroleum International, Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST), Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Conoco Phillips, Crown copyright (CEFAS), Crown copyright (DECC), Crown copyright (Marine Scotland), Dove Marine Laboratory, E Wilson, F.R. Woodward, Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, Heriot-Watt University, ICES EcoSystemData data portal 2011 ICES Copenhagen, Inshore Fisheries Ireland, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Jon Moore, Julia Nunn, Kames Fish Farming Ltd, L Hawkins, Lothian Divers, Marine Conservation Society (Scotland), Marine Life Information Network of Britain and Ireland, National Museums of Scotland, Natural England, Natural Environment Research Council, Natural Resources Wales, Nick Stewart, Organic Sea Harvest Ltd, Orkney Skate Trust, Paula Low, Porcupine Marine Natural History Society, Queen's University Belfast, R Witbaard, Rae and Lamont, Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Society of Edinburgh, SCANS II data EU LIFE Nature project LIFE04NAT/GB/000245, Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage (derived from CEFAS video), Scottish Natural Heritage (derived from MSS video), Scottish Natural Heritage (derived from SEPA video), Scottish Natural Heritage, Sea Mammal Research Unit, Seabird Monitoring Programme Database, Shark Trust, Shetland Field Studies Group, Shetland Oil Terminal Environmental Advisory Group, Skyak Adventures, St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve, Sullom Voe Association Ltd, The Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Unicomarine, University of Dundee, University of Exeter (data collected as a partnership between University of Exeter and Scottish Natural Heritage), University of Highlands and Islands (NAFC Marine Centre), University of London (University Marine Biological Station, Millport), University of Plymouth, University of St. Andrews, Vincent Wildlife Trust, and Wave Action / The Wildlife Trusts. Details of permissions to mobilise for view download and re-use are documented against individual records in the CONSENT field. Likewise records of Native oyster or Native oyster habitat are considered Sensitive under NatureScot policy and are not to be released at full resolution; such records are tagged as "Sensitive" in the CONSENT field.
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Latitude: 63.29293924° to 54.08517342°
Longitude: -36.51855469° to 5.14160156°
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2019-04-04 (publication)
2011-06-17 (creation)
2022-03-04 (revision)
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NatureScot (distributor, custodian, originator)
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