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Government Grants RegisterGovernment grants register 2013 to 2014

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Department Year 2013-14 Grants Description Amount (£,000s) Grant Category End Recipient No. of Recipients
BIS 2013-14 Grant to the UK Research Councils to fund high quality research 2915000 Grant In Aid Public Sector 7250
BIS 2013-14 Grant to HEFCE to fund teaching, research and knowledge transfer 4718000 Grant In Aid Voluntary Sector 250
BIS 2013-14 Grant to the SFA to fund Further Education Colleges and other training providers 4400000 General Grant Private Sector and Voluntary Sector 1440
BIS 2013-14 Grant to the TSB to support the commercialisation of knowledge and research 496000 Grant In Aid Private Sector, Public Sector and Voluntary Sector 5000