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Part of this dataset (habitat data) has no access restrictions and NRW may release, publish or disseminate it freely. However part of this dataset is sensitive and restricted as it contains data exempt from general release. The sensitive data is as follows; 1) Plant species listed on the NRW Sensitive Species List. This may only be released at a scale 10km sq. 2) Personal data e.g. names and addresses, other personal details. This information will not be released without permission of those involved 3) Sensitive site data, e.g. information about a site prior to designation. 4) Data with a landowner interest e.g. if a landowner specifically objects to information about their property being released Sensitive data must be kept confidential; general release is not permitted due to risk of harm to the environment or third parties.
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Latitude: 53.51306700° to 53.51306700°
Longitude: -5.77774100° to -2.60886500°
Spatial reference system
Dataset reference date
2023-04-20 (publication)
2011-10-31 (revision)
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Natural Resources Wales (NRW) (owner, originator); Countryside Council for Wales (CCW). Phase II Survey Team (originator)
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© CNC/NRW All rights Reserved. Contains Ordnance Survey Data. Ordnance Survey Licence number 100019741. Crown Copyright and Database Right. Unrestricted Habitat Data: Data may be re-used under the terms of the Open Government Licence providing it is done so, acknowledging both the source and NRW's copyright. It is the recipient's responsibility to ensure the data is fit for the intended purpose. Restricted Data: Data may be re-used under provision and in line with the terms of a NRW licence and NRWs guidance on Ecological data exempt from general release.