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Latitude: 51.89° to 51.19°
Longitude: -3.01° to -2.14°
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2011-03-30 (publication)
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Bristol City Council (publisher , owner , resourceProvider)
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Copyright : © Crown Copyright and database rights [insert year of supply] Ordnance Survey 100023406.
Licence : By using or accessing this data the INSPIRE End User is deemed to have accepted the Public Sector End User Licence - INSPIRE
Licence : Bristol Parks may grant use to external organisations for non commercial purposes following the completion of a data release form for a defined project. The source data for any derived work from the Bristol Parks GIS layers must be acknowleged in any published documents. The provision of information by Bristol City Council does not imply a right to reproduce or commercially exploit such information without the Council's express prior written permission. Reproduction or commercial exploitation of information provided by the Council without its express permission may be an infringement of copyright. The council is unable to grant permission to reproduce or re-use any material that is the property of third parties. Permission to reproduce or re-use such material must be obtained from the copyright holders.