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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in HM Treasury GroupConsultancy exceptions

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Department Organisation Name Basis for Exception Value Approval month
HM Treasury HM Treasury (core) Commercial legal advice £414,000 Feb-2012 On 29 November 2011, the Chancellor announced that the Government would launch a £21bn package of measures aimed at easing the flow of credit to businesses in the UK; as part of this, the Government confirmed it will make available an initial £1bn though the Businesses Finance Partnership (BFP) for investment through non-bank lending channels. The legal services are to support the placement of significant funds with a fund manager(s) in the UK. Services include advice on fund placements with fund managers in a number of investment tranches. Further legal advice to support future tranches of investment across the two year programme to include advice and execution of the available investment and associated contracts.
HM Treasury HM Treasury (core) Financial advice on implementation of Independent Commission on Banking £96,000 Feb-2012 To provide specialist financial advice to inform the Government’s detailed proposals for implementing the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), to fundamentally reform the structure of banking in the UK. 
HM Treasury HM Treasury (core) Commercial legal advice £80,000 Feb-2012 Project OSCAR is to put in place a high quality cross government management information system to support the planned reductions in public spending, and to deliver the Government's transparency and financial discipline commitments. This exemption is for legal advice on Project OSCAR.