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Cabinet Office Senior Officials' Business ExpensesCabinet Office - Senior Officials - Expenses - July to September 2021

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Name Start date of trip Duration of Visit (Days) Destination Purpose of trip Mode of Transport Class of travel Accommodation / Meals Other (including hospitality given) Total cost, including all visas, accommodation, travel, meals etc. (£) Total Cost of Use of Official Secure Car
Alex Aiken 27/09/2021 1 Cardiff, UK MEETING WITH EXTERNAL BODIES Rail First Nil Return Nil Return 209.9 Nil Return
Alex Chisholm 03/09/2021 1 York, UK SITE VISIT Rail Standard Nil Return Nil Return 86.4 Nil Return
Alison Baptiste 06/09/2021 1 Bristol, UK SITE VISIT Car Nil Return Nil Return Nil Return 112.5 Nil Return
Alison Baptiste 15/09/2021 1 London, UK MEETING WITH EXTERNAL BODIES Taxi Nil Return Nil Return Nil Return 21.2 Nil Return