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Organogram of Staff Roles & SalariesOrganogram - Senior CSV data

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Post Unique Reference Name Grade (or equivalent) Job Title Job/Team Function Parent Department Organisation Unit Contact Phone Contact E-mail Reports to Senior Post Salary Cost of Reports (£) FTE Actual Pay Floor (£) Actual Pay Ceiling (£) Professional/Occupational Group Notes Valid?
A1 Mark Lowcock SCS4 Permanent Secretary Permanent Secretary Department for International Development DFID DFID 0845 300 4100 XX 623004 1.00 160000 164999 1
A2 Richard Calvert SCS3 DG Corporate Performance Responsible for high quality financial & corporate management with focus on results, VfM & Transparency. Delivery of lower cost professional sorporate centre & increrasing shared services with OGDs. Department for International Development DFID Finance & Corporate Performance 0845 300 4100 A1 1396375 1.00 125000 129999 1
A3 Michael Anderson SCS3 DG Policy & Global Programmes Policy development & Implementation. Development spending through UN, WB & International Organs. Research, Evidence & VfM. Department for International Development DFID Policy & International 0845 300 4100 A1 449902 1.00 120000 124999 1
A5 Joy Hutcheon SCS3 DG Africa, South and East Asia and Western Hemisphere Supervision of UK Bilateral Aid across 35 developing countries. Relationship Management at Finance Minister level in key countries.Supervision of UK Emergency Humanitarian responses. Department for International Development DFID Country programmes 0845 300 4100 A1 554336 1.00 105000 109999 1