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Spend over £25,000 in the Cabinet OfficeMay 2015 return with descriptions

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Departmental Family Entity Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Transaction Number Amount Description
Cabinet Office CABINET OFFICE 01/05/2015 INSIGNIA OVERHEAD COSTS HONOURS AND DIGNITIES TREASURER TO THE QUEEN 3000060501 71603.00 Administation and overheads costs for insignia
Cabinet Office CABINET OFFICE 05/05/2015 CONSULTANTS VAT RECOVERABLE MUTUALS REDQUADRANT 3000060526 40106.70 Mutual Support Programme costs
Cabinet Office CABINET OFFICE 05/05/2015 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (VAT RECOVERABLE) NSC AFGHAN HOME OFFICE 3000060520 45000.00 Strategic communications contribution
Cabinet Office CABINET OFFICE 05/05/2015 OPERATING LEASES - RENT 10 GREAT GEORGE STREET HOME OFFICE 3000060520 57341.50 Rent for accommodation