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Species point records from 1990 NRA Helford Estuary littoral survey1990-NRA-Helford-Estuary-littoral-survey.csv

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RecordKey SurveyKey SurveyName SampleKey StartDate EndDate DateType LocationName DataType Latitude Longitude Projection AphiaId Species Uncertain Abundance_SACFORN Abundance_Count IsDead SampleComment
JNCCMNCR10308221 JNCCMNCR10000436 1990 NRA Helford Estuary littoral survey JNCCMNCR10017064 1990-10-04 1990-10-04 D The Bar (Helford Estuary) Point 50.0989130555271 -5.13497030817682 WGS84 131495 Lanice conchilega FALSE A Not set FALSE Slipway. Muddy sand backed by shingle. Cockles evident. Lanice 30/sq m.