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MOD: spending over £25,000 and over £500 on a Government Procurement CardMOD's spending over £25,000 for April 2009 to March 2010

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Organisations Paid Between £25 thousand and £5 million by the Ministry of Defence in 2009/10 Not set Not set
Not set Not set Not set
This table shows a listing of the UK and foreign owned organisations, including defence suppliers and intermediate bodies paid through the Financial Management Shared Service Centre (FMSSC). The term 'defence suppliers' includes defence contractors, Defence Agencies and other Government Departments. The FMSSC is responsible for the majority of such payments (around 95% by value) made by MOD. Other payments are made, for example, via British Defence Staff (United States), MOD Trading Funds and through local cash offices. Not included in the Contractor totals are additional payments that may have been made to a Contractor by means of a GPC Card. The table is split into payment groups with the organisations shown in alphabetical order. Company and organisation names have been reproduced (at the 1 April 2010 position) directly from the truncated entries recorded on the FMSSC database and may appear in a shortened format in places. Where a contract is novated during the year, annual payments are shown against the new 'owner' (company or entity) of that contract. Not set Not set
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