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MOD: spending over £25,000 and over £500 on a Government Procurement CardMOD's spending over £25,000 for March 2015

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Department Entity Payment Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Name Supplier Post Code Transaction Number Payment Description Total
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 18/03/2015 Rent and rates DEFENCE INFRASTRUCTURE ORGANISATION ANNINGTON RECEIVABLES LTD W1U 1DR 446650 Rent UK married quarters - operating lease payments £41,288,056.60
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 17/03/2015 Government Procurement Card Ministry of Defence Barclays Bank PLC TS17 6YG EMP11458 Monthly GPC Payment £39,287,092.80
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 04/03/2015 Property leases DEFENCE INFRASTRUCTURE ORGANISATION ASPIRE DEFENCE LIMITED SP9 7QD 441406 Property dwellings private finance initiative - service concession arrangement service charge £23,589,851.76
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 24/03/2015 Purchase of buildings and military equipment Defence Equipment + Support BAE SYSTEMS SURFACE SHIPS LIMITED G14 0XN 448823 Single use military equipment asset under construction - capital in year addition £12,928,584.40