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MOD exceptions to spending controls for January to December 2015MOD's exceptions (ICT) to spending controls October to December 2015

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Tool Ref Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value requested (£) Total Value Approved (£) Date of approval Lead Control
HMG2367 MoD Not set Defence Learning Environment (DLE) Technical Support Contract The DLE is the MOD's prime e-learning platform which replaced the Defence Learning Portal in June 15 as an interim solution until the Defence Learning Management Capability (DLMC) is developed.The existing (ACII TOSP) contract expires 31 March 2016. To enable any potential new contractor to be fully operational for 1st April 2016 the contract needs to be initiated by 1/2/16. 0 0 01/10/2015 IT
HMG2439 MoD Not set User Experience and Evaluation of The British Army Digital Estate The engagement of a specialist agency with the expertise to review the content profile of the British Army digital estate and to conduct a series of User Experience research activities. This project isto improve this vital public facing engagement channel, which is significantly outdated in terms of content. The Army Digital Estate would like to go for complete overhaul. £50,000.00 £50,000.00 04/11/2015 IT
HMG2446 MoD Not set Project INTERMOLAR Project INTERMOLAR seeks to deliver an interim replacement for the current Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP), the contract for which expires on 26 Apr 16. The technology proposed is simply to continue with the existing DMICP product, whilst preparing the ground for a shift (under Project REBRACE) to a more enduring technologically modern solution. £24,087,000.00 £24,087,000.00 23/10/2015 IT
HMG2448 MoD Not set MOD Supply Chain Cyber Security Model The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) was formed in response to a Secretary of State direction that recognised government and industry face similar challenges responding to cyber threat. 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber security breach in the last year. Dept seeks to build upon the government?s ongoing commitment to project UK as a safe place for biz. £97,500.00 £97,500.00 23/10/2015 IT