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Spend over £25,000 in the Forestry Commission2023 February Report - Forestry Commission

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Departmental Family Entity Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Transaction Number Net Amount VAT Amount Gross Amount Description Project Code Expenditure Type
Defra Forestry Commission 16/02/2023 External Funding - Expenditure Plant Health Forestry Acres Wild Woodlands Ltd 20199 53999.69 10799.94 64799.63 External Funding - Expenditure - Opm - Survey Work Opm - Survey Work Prog
Defra Forestry Commission 09/02/2023 Private Woodland Grants Nature For Climate Fund Aveland Trees Ltd 20091 39000.00 0.00 39000.00 Private Woodland Grants - Sector Capacity Workstream 6 Sector Capacity Workstream 6 Prog
Defra Forestry Commission 02/02/2023 Private Woodland Grants Etpp - Sustainable Forest Man. Community Forest Trust 19989 78529.50 0.00 78529.50 Private Woodland Grants - Urban Tree Challenge Fund Urban Tree Challenge Fund Prog