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Spend over £25,000 in the Forestry Commission2018 June Return (Forestry Commission Scotland, Forest Research, Silvan House)

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Department Family Enitity Description Date Paid Expense Area Supplier Post Code Trans Ref Accounting Year Mix of Nett & Gross Supplier Code Batch Ref SBE Cost Centre Nett Amount VAT Gross Line Description Purchase Order PO Text Account Account Name Job Code Job Description Supplier Type Contract Number Expense Type
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Fcs Grants & Licences 05/06/2018 Fcs Grants & Licences SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT EH6 6QQ P64_165070 2018 30005.25 10047842 B000020002 E64 047 30005.25 0 30005.25 RPID GRANTS MARCH & APRIL 2018 Not set Not set Not set 41960 Vme Miscellaneous Debtors Not set Not set Large Not set Grant
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Grant Payment 05/06/2018 Policy & Business Development ARGYLL AND BUTE COUNCIL PA31 8RD P64_165069 2018 271983.66 10051875 B000020001 E64 046 271983.66 0 271983.66 STTS R21-14-2017 Not set Not set Not set 24856 Timber Transport Fund 0460305Q TTF - STTS Large Not set Programme
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Professional Services Other Operational Services Operational Services Other 12/06/2018 Policy & Business Development PLM Dollar Group Ltd IV2 7XB P64_165180 2018 61742.89 10095656 B000020019 E64 046 51452.41 10290.48 61742.89 CRM courseand flights on 16, 23-25, 29-31 May SC18841 Heliservices as per framework title PP979 Provision of Helicopter Services; Framework - SNH (FCS Overarching Framework number FW0030) Not set 24854 Tree Health Scotland 0461150Q TH Tree Health Aerial Surveillance SME FW_046_0039 Programme
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Fcs Grants & Licences 26/06/2018 Admin Finance & Secretariat SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT EH6 6QQ P64_165494 2018 120000 10047842 B000020058 E64 045 120000 0 120000 ASSURANCE SERVICE PROVIDED BY INTERNAL AUDIT 17/18 Not set Not set Not set 17066 Audit Fees Not set Not set Large Not set Grant