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Internal Audit PlanInternal Audit Plan 2017-2018

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Category AuditTitle OutlineScope
Business Audits Stow 1 Benefits realisation audit following implementation of new meat charging discount system. Audit will review how well original objectives have been met
Business Audits Open data To review implementation and application of policy and procedures on open data specifically in relation to publication of data sets
Business Audits Evolve Programme Evolve programme will replace the current IT contract with a different model. This change involves gradual disaggregation of services and increasing the number of suppliers to be managed by the FSA as well as the FSA assuming responsibility for elements of the contract that are currently managed by Capita. The audit will review the efficacy of the plans in place to manage the risk of disruption arising from the transition to the new model.
Business Audits LAEMS follow-up audit The audit will review implementation of agreed actions