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Species point records from 1992-95 DWT Axmouth littoral survey1992-95-DWT-Axmouth-littoral-survey.csv

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RecordKey SurveyKey SurveyName SampleKey StartDate EndDate DateType LocationName DataType Latitude Longitude Projection AphiaId Species Uncertain Abundance_SACFORN Abundance_Count IsDead SampleComment
JNCCMNCR10397066 JNCCMNCR10000604 1992-95 DWT Axmouth littoral survey JNCCMNCR10021297 1994-06-22 1994-06-22 D Seaton Hole Point 50.6996354544584 -3.08388255642209 WGS84 999000887 Grey lichens FALSE F Not set FALSE Lichens has been given a nominal abundance value of Present for this record as in Arev it had no abundance value. Scattered limestone and chalk boulders of various sizes, the largest in the supralittoral. Barnacles (mostly Chthalamus montagui) and Patella vulgata common, the barnacles being locally abundant. Patches of Fucus vesiculosus and Laurencia pinnatifida found in lower reaches with Catenella caespitosa above. Areas of standing water contained Anemonia viridis, Chondrus crispus and Dictyota dichotoma. Supralittoral lichens were restricted to the larger boulders with Verrucaria maura found only in shaded areas. Underboulder community poor.
JNCCMNCR10386587 JNCCMNCR10000604 1992-95 DWT Axmouth littoral survey JNCCMNCR10021020 1994-09-20 1994-09-20 D Humble Point (EAST) Point 50.7077855062069 -2.9757254596995 WGS84 883 Polychaeta FALSE A Not set FALSE Medium sized boulders consolidated by Sabellaria alveolata and dominated by Fucus serratus. A red algal understorey consisted mostly of Palmaria palmata and Mastocarpus stellatus, with frequent Cladophora rupestris. Corallinaceae were frequent, often overgrowing the Sabellaria sp. Many holes, tunnels and fissures were present in boulderholes and beneath the Sabellaria alveolata tubes. Underboulder was, as a result, diverse where accessible as most boulders were well cemented.
JNCCMNCR10374906 JNCCMNCR10000604 1992-95 DWT Axmouth littoral survey JNCCMNCR10020717 1994-09-20 1994-09-20 D Humble Point (EAST) Point 50.7077855062069 -2.9757254596995 WGS84 883 Polychaeta FALSE O Not set FALSE Mid-eulittoral bedrock forming a series of tilted ledges with shallow gullies running seaward. Gullies held large and small boulders and occasional pools. Bedrock was dominated by Fucus vesiculosus with an understorey of filamentous red and green algae including, Audouinella spp., Callithamnion tetricum, Cladostephus spongiosus and Cladophora rupestris. Green ephemeral algae were frequent. Boulders were relatively mobile and dominated by Patella vulgata and Chthamalus montagui. Underboulder silted and often anoxic.
JNCCMNCR10382401 JNCCMNCR10000604 1992-95 DWT Axmouth littoral survey JNCCMNCR10020918 1994-06-23 1994-06-23 D Seven Rock Point Point 50.7119842767144 -2.95739915921581 WGS84 883 Polychaeta FALSE C Not set FALSE Gently tilted ledges of mudstone with piddock bored vertical faces and Ceramium spp rich pools. Padina pavonia frequent in shallow pools. Underboulder poor, improving towards low water. Highest parts heavily scoured by mobile boulder and cobble, lower regions dominated by a good cover of Fucus serratus with underlying red algae including Callithamnion tetricum, Audouinella spp, Ceramium spp, Corallina officinalis and green algae.