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Biotoxin Results for England and WalesBiotoxin Results September 2001 to October 2006

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SampleNumber NameOfSite BedId LocalAuthority GridReference BedName DateSampleCollected DateSampleArrivedAtWeymouth DateSampleArrivedAtBurnham SpeciesSampled PSPResultSTXequivalent DSPResultNegative DSPResultPositive DomoicAcid SampleNumber2
BTX/2001/0498 Holy Island-Ross Links B001M Berwick upon Tweed BC NU12333958 Ross Links 2001-09-04 2001-09-05 2001-09-05 Mussels ND NEGATIVE Not set <LOD BTX/2001/0498
BTX/2001/0496 The Wash Not set Boston Borough Council Not set Friskney 2001-09-03 2001-09-05 2001-09-05 Cockles ND NEGATIVE Not set <LOD BTX/2001/0496
BTX/2001/0495 The Wash B003D Boston Borough Council TF439377 The Gat 2001-09-03 2001-09-05 2001-09-05 Mussels ND NEGATIVE Not set <LOD BTX/2001/0495
BTX/2001/0499 The Thames B17AM Canterbury CC TR082669 Pollard 2001-09-04 2001-09-05 Not set Cockles ND NEGATIVE Not set Not set BTX/2001/0499